PHILOCTETES by Sophocles

ETHAL (Limassol Theatre Development Company), Cyprus

8 July, Curium Ancient Theatre
11 July, Makarios III Amphitheatre, Nicosia
12 July, Paphos Ancient Odeon

ETHAL (Limassol Theatre Development Company) in cooperation with Technodromio, Cyprus and Pera Theatre, Greece, will present Sophocles’ tragedy Philoctetes, translated by the awarded Greek poet Giorgos Blanas and directed by the Artistic Director of ETHAL, Minas Tigkilis. This is ETHAL’s first participation at the Festival.

Philoctetes, son of Poeas, in the first year of the Grecian expedition to Troy, while visiting the temple of the goddess Chryse, he had been bitten in the foot by a venomous serpent, the guardian of the shrine. His incurable wound aroused so much revulsion among his former comrades that the Atreides, Agamemnon and Menelaos, asked Odysseus to abandon him in a desolate island and Odysseus chose to banish him to the uninhabited island of Lemnos, where he eked out a wretched life the ten years of the Trojan War. At the tenth year, an oracle informed the Greek leaders that Troy could only be taken by the help of the invincible bow and arrows of Heracles, and these were in the possession of Philoctetes, since he helped Heracles end his sufferings while dying and he gave them to him.

Odysseus and his obedient accomplice Neoptolemus, son of Achilles, are sent to carry back to Troy Philoctetes. Odysseus plan is to use Neoptolemus as bait to cheat Philoctetes into giving away his arrows, since the oracle pointed out that the arrows should be used by Neoptolemus. Neoptolemus is reluctant to deceive Philoctetes and even though at some point he is persuaded, Philoctetes misery makes him defy Odusseus and intent to help Philoctetes return home.

Philoctetes is also unwilling to make peace with those who treated him so cruelly and only by the intervention of the deified Heracles is he persuaded to help the Greeks to victory. Philoctetes is a tragedy about human pain, abandonment and the association between conscience and politics, honor and duty.


Translation: Giorgos Mplanas
Direction: Minas Tigkilis
Set and costume design: Edouardos Georgiou
Lighting design: Vasilis Peteinaris
Original: Giorgos Kolias
Movement: Chloe Melidou
Assistant Directors: Panayiota Papageorgiou & Elena Meletiou
Set designer assistant: Thelma Cassoulidou
Musical coaching of the Chorus: Nicos Vihas (Famagusta Choir)
Chorus: Christos Christofides, Costas Mpafas, Iacovos Kantounas, Giorgos Diamantides

Philoctetes: Eftyhios Poullaides
Odysseus: Costas Kazakas
Neoptolemus: Constantinos Gavriel
Sailor man: Alexandros Parisis
Coryphaeus A: Yiannos Antoniou
Coryphaea B: Panayiota Papageorgiou
Coryphaeus C: Michalis Christou
Euripides Dikeos, Stefani Nerou, Zacharias Iordanides, Andreas Daniel

Musician: Theodoros Polykarpou

Participants: Christos Christofides, Kostas Mpafas, Iacovos Kantounas, Giorgos Diamantides (Choir “Modernoi Kairoi”) and Angelos Goutosides and Anna Antoniou (Volunteers)

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