ORESTEIA: The Libation Bearers, The Eumenides by Aeschylus

La Fondazione Instituto Nazionale Del Dramma Antico, Italy

18 July, Makarios III Amphitheatre, Nicosia
19 July, Paphos Ancient Odeon

The Fondazione Instituto Nazionale Del Dramma Antico – INDA, Italy, based in Syracuse, Sicily, an institution that serves ancient Greek tragedy and comedy for a century now, will present the two tragedies of The Oresteia trilogy, The Libation Bearers and The Eumenides, written by Aeschylus. The production had its first performance on 9th May 2014 at the Greek Theater in Syracuse, directed by Daniele Salvo with Francesco Scianna, Francesca Ciocchetti, Marco Imparato and Elisabetta Pozzi in the leading roles.


The Libation Bearers
Orestes and Pylades return to Argos after Agamemnon’s assassination. As he secretly offers libations at his father’s grave, asking for his assistance for his revenge, Electra and the Chorus arrive to ask her father’s assistance as well. As she sees the signs on the grave she suspects that Orestes is there and indeed he appears and they recognize each other. They lay out the plan of their revenge and they execute it. They enter the palace announcing Orestes’ supposed death to Clytemnestra and she calls Aegisthus. Orestes kills him and then comes face to face with his mother. He hesitates to kill his own mother but after Pylades’ urging he murders her. He then dresses as a supplicant and starts out for the Oracle to conjure the blood from his hands, while the Furies are hunting him.


The Eumenides
The Furies are terrible, supernatural, and relentless and they chase Orestes who killed his mother. He takes refuge to the temple of goddess Athena who founds the first court of justice. Orestes is pronounced not guilty for the murder of his mother Clytemnestra who had murdered his father Agamemnon. The vindictive Furies are transformed into blessed favourable Eumenides.

Translation: Monica Centanni
Direction: Daniele Salvo
Assistant Director: Emiliano Bronzino
Set and Costume design: Arnaldo Pomodoro
Music: Marco Podda

Orestes: Francesco Scianna
Pylades: Marco Imparato
Electra: Melania Giglio
A male Servant: Alessandro Romano
Clytemnestra: Elisabetta Pozzi
Nurse of Orestes: Carbonetti Antonietta
Aegisthus: Graziano Piazza
A Male Servant of Aegisthus: Alessandro Romano
The Pythian Priestess: Clara Galante
Apollo: Graziano Piazza
The Ghost of Clytemnestra: Elisabetta Pozzi
Athena: Paola Gassman

Leaders of the Chorus:
Simonetta Cartia, Francesca Ciocchetti, Marcella Favilla, Clara Galante, Silvia Pietta, Elena Polic Greco

Claudia Benassi, Rosy Bonfiglo, Clio Cipolletta, Giulia Diomede, Giuliana Di Stefano, Carmelinda Gentile, Paola Giglio, Viola Graziosi, Jin Liyu, Doriana La Fauci, Francesca Maria, Valeria Perdono, Silvia Pernarella, Elena Aimone

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