MEDEA by Euripides

Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Pandur.Theaters, Slovenia & Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Croatia

4 July, Paphos Ancient Odeon
6 July, Makarios III Amphitheatre, Nicosia

One of the best works of the great ancient writer Euripides, Medea, a story about love, envy, greed for fame and revenge, a co-production by the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Pandur.Theaters, Slovenia and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Croatia, will open the 18th International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama on the 4th July 2014 at the Paphos Ancient Odeon. Medea, directed by the internationally acclaimed Tomaž Pandur, was presented in Croatia and Slovenia and, a few weeks ago, at the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival 2014, in Colombia. The direction as well as the terrific acting of Alma Prica in the leading role have been highly praised in many countries.

Medea, daughter of Aietes, king of Kolchis, and grand-daughter of the Sun-god, leaves her father and murders her brother to help Jason to take the treasure of her family, the Golden Fleece. To crown all, she has remained a faithful wife to him and has born him two sons. Nevertheless, he betrays her and wrongs her. He decides to abandon her for the daughter of Creon, king of Corinth. Moreover, as if this was not enough, Creon orders her banishment from the country. After an outburst of despair, she manages to convince Creon to let her stay in the country until the next day. In vain does Jason try to convince her that what he is doing is for her own good and the good of their children. Now she proceeds deliberately to destroy Jason and all who are connected with him: Creon’s daughter, Creon himself and her two children. And when Jason swears vengeance against her and tries to force the doors of the house, Medea suddenly appears above, borne on a fiery car sent by her grandfather, the Sun-god.


Adaptation from Euripides: Darko Lukić
Translation: Lada Kaštelan
Director: Tomaž Pandur
Screen play by Tomaž Pandur, Livija Pandur
Dramaturge: Livija Pandur
Set design: Sven Jonke for NUMEN
Costume designer: Danica Dedijer
Video design: Dorijan Kolundžija / Galerija 12+
Light designer: Andrej Hajdinak
Language advisor: Đurđa Škavić
Photographer: Aljoša Rebolj
Assistant director: Paolo Tišljarić
Assistant dramaturge: Mirna Rustemović
Assistant to costume designer: Zjena Glamočanin
Stage manager: Roko Grbin

Medea: Alma Prica
Jason: Bojan Navojec
Keeper of the Golden Fleece: Livio Badurina
Pheres: Ivan Glowatzky
Mermeros: Romano Nicolić
Aegeus: Damir Markovina

The Argonauts: Kristijan Potočki, Andrej Dojkić, Petar Cvirn, Tomislav Krstanović, Jure Radnić, Ivan Magud, Adrian Pezdirc, Ivan Ožegović

Dramaturge’s note
[…] After three thousand years Euripides’ Medea is equally complex and full of contradictions, she is a foreigner difficult to understand, divine and mortal, who tries to justify ‘everything’ with her crimes committed in the name of ‘love’ (the murder of her brother, Pelias and her sons). This is why, from today’s perspective, Medea who looks back onto a three-thousand-old myth is not just an anthropologic recount of the myth nor a simplified story about the relationship between a man and a woman, nor is it a story about a betrayed woman.

It is the study of sheer power, operations of power and of the way a human being behaves under pressure – when possessed by power. The walls surrounding time periods are extremely close to one another and this is why Medea’s story is still alive today; it reflects and resonates as if it were set in a tunnel full of mirrors. In a single day which she got to finish her plan, she became a heroine. One of those eternal women who are artists’ constant source of inspiration.

Medea’s demonic aria, her decadent imagination, search for truth and unconditional love, the murder of her sons as the end result on the emotional, social, political, religious and mythical level opens up a complex stream of today’s perception and reception, irrational gestures and archetypal images painted by today’s civilization.

Livija Pandur

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