LYSISTRATA by Aristophanes

Highway Productions & NPO Lykofos, Greece

13 July, Curium Ancient Theatre
14 July, Curium Ancient Theatre

The Highway Productions in cooperation with Giorgos Lykiardopoulos’ NPO Lykofos, in a co production with the The Municipal Regional Theatre of Agrinio, will present the most popular and most frequently staged comedy of Aristophanes, Lysistrata, directed by the Lithuanian director Cezaris Grauzinis. Maria Gkavogianni as Lysistrata, Antonis Loudaros as Magistrate, Kaiti Konstantinou as Calonice, Thanasis Tsaltampasis as Cinesias, Nantia Kontogeorgi as Myrrhine and many other acclaimed actors and actresses will offer the public an unforgettable experience. Spyros A. Evangelatos translated and adapted the play and Giorgos Patsas designed the set and costumes.

Twenty years after the Peloponnesian War began, the situation in Athens has become so difficult that one woman, Lysistrata, decides to take matters into her own hands. Her plan is to force the men to negotiate through the denial of their conjugal rights. To this end, she organises a secret meeting of women from Athens and the other warring city states and convinces them to refuse all sexual contact with their husbands and lovers.

Lysistrata and the other Athenian women then occupy the Acropolis, where the state treasury is located, so that the men will lack the funds to continue the war. The scheme is quick to produce results, not only in Athens but in the enemy states as well. Envoys from the Spartans and the Athenians appeal to Lysistrata to compromise, and peace is secured with the help of a beautiful young woman, Reconciliation, and concessions on both sides.

Written with Aristophanic sparkling humour in the darkest days of the Peloponnesian War, Lysistrata (411 BC) has shone down the millennia as a hymn to peace, love and womanhood.


Translation/Adaptation: Spyros Α. Evangelatos
Direction: Cezaris Grauzinis
Set/Costumes: Giorgos Patsas
Music: Dimitris Theocharis
Lyrics: Giorgos Mpakolas
Movement: Dimitra Kritikidi
Text Edit: The translator and the actors/actresses
Lighting: Sophia Alexiadou

Production: Giorgios Lykiardopoulos, Highway Productions, NPO Lykofos, in a co production with the Agrinion Municipal Regional Theatre, Greece


Lysistrata: Maria Gkavogianni
Calonice: Kaiti Konstantinou
Myrrhine: Nantia Kontogeorgi
Lampito: Margarita Varlamou
A Boeotian Woman: Maria Philippou
A Corinthian Woman: Jinie Papadopoulou
An Eleusinian Woman: Elina Malama
Magistrate: Antonis Loudaros
Cinesias: Thanasis Tsaltampasis
A Spartan Ambassador: Thanasis Kourlampas
Chancellor: Dimitris Papanikolaou
A Spartan Herald: Thomas Gkagkas
Athenian A: Vasilis Poulakos
Athenian B: Gerasimos Skafidas

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