How much does the entrance cost?

The entrance costs 10 Euros and 5 Euros (Students, Senior Citizens and National Guard).
Free entrance for the Members of the Cyprus Centre of the I.T.I. with the International Card of the I.T.I. and for the persons with disabilities after proof of ID

What time do the performances start?

All performances start at 21:00
Please be at the theatre fifteen (15) minutes prior to the beginning of each performance.

Where can we buy tickets?

Tickets sales from Tickets sales from Sold Out Tickets: at SOEASY Kiosks in all cities, at TIME OUT Kiosk in Paphos, at XENION HIGH SCHOOL in Paralimni and online at www.SoldoutTickets.com.cy and www.soldoutticketbox.com

Where do we call for information?

For information: 7000 2414

In which language are the performances presented?

Each performance is presented in the language of the theatre group. Greek performances are presented with English surtitles and foreign performances with Greek and English surtitles. The performance “Philoctetes” will be also surtitled in Russian.

Are the performances presented in traditional ancient Greek costumes?

The performances preserve the uniqueness of ancient Greek drama while also bearing the distinctive cultural traits of the country from which they come, offering to the public a multi-cultural entertainment. Most of them are modern in their approach.

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