ALCESTIS by Euripides

Amfiktio Theatre, Cyprus

25 July, Makarios III Amphitheatre, Nicosia
27 July, Curium Ancient Theatre
28 July, Paphos Ancient Odeon

Amfiktio Theatre will close the 18th International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama with Euripides tragedy Alcestis, the symbol of self-denial and wifely devotion, directed by Nicos Charalambous.

With Apollo’s assistance, Admetus, King of Pherae, has secured an unusual privilege: when his time comes to die, he will be spared, provided he can find someone to take his place in the Underworld. But who loves Admetus enough to give up their life for him?

In the end, no one volunteers to die on his behalf except for his young wife, Alcestis, who bids farewell to life and embarks on a journey to the Underworld. Everyone in the palace mourns the loss of their devoted queen, who only a hero can return to life by taking on Death and besting him.

Euripides’ oldest surviving play combines the form and characteristics of tragedy with comedic elements, irony and an optimistic ending.

Translation: Makis Antonopoulos
Direction, dramaturgy: Nicos Charalambous
Set designer: Lakis Genethlis
Music: Nikolas Leventis
Movement: Nataly Amman

Apollo: Marios Kakoullis
Death: Julie Tsolka
Maidservant: Anna Yiangiozi
Alcestis: Maria Michael
Admetus: Simos Tsiakkas
Heracles: Manos Galanis
Pheres: Neophytos Neophytou

Chorus (six men, six women)

Leaders of the Chorus: Nataly Amman, Panayiotis Grigoriou

Director’s note

A space studded with multiple prisons-tombs. A visual floor, symbolizing the descent to and then the ascent from Hades. Euripides’ Alcestis comes back to life and carries the vanity of love and all this for “an empty shirt”, for Helen! And a group of people in a state of paranoia, carrying, hiding, running and panicking when confronted by life in the tomb, namely the tragic Irony of Euripides in full blast. In a few words, we visualized a performance in a state of insanity.

Nicos Charalambous

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